A word that means and includes every one from all different races and walks of life. The song that comes to mind when I think of this is “Everyday People” by Sky and the Family Stone. Ralph Real and the Family Jam embody the word Family. With the soulful sounds and funky melodies they make every performance feel like your going to your uncles house for a bbq. Ralph’s love for music was established in the church with the Gospel sounds of the choir, organs and drums. Clapping and swaying created the rhythm which he chose to live his life by. His inspiration of Stevie Wonder took his love even further after Gospel music. With that being said, what you see is what you get. Swagger, and high energy performance. What about his band name, how was that created? The name was created coming back from his overseas touring with the group Oddisee. The band name “Ralph Real and the Family Jam” keep crowds coming back and interested. Ralph now works with other local artists to help put them onto a bigger platform. Such artists included, Ambitious Caban and Kyle Herman. Johnny Rock, a best friend since a young age, has been an inspiration to him. As of lately, touring has been a huge part of his artistry. It has taught him many things including how to be a better man and how deal with depression. He also learned that within his music he became the soundtrack in the lives on many different individuals.

During our interview Ralph said “Musicians are like Magicians in the way we affect the reality of life”. This is all too true. Ralph has completed three different bodies of work. They include Nappy Love, Track Names Name Tracks, and Yo Just Ride With Me . These platforms help build his Family Jam everyday. He can be followed on all social media sites and they show upcoming performances and various videos of the group. As Ralph Real would say, “What the deal keeping it popping and locking moving and grooving pimping and scrimping peace and love”.

A note from the writer: Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this content. I blog because I enjoy talking about the everyday life of the world of music and entertainment. The blog name was created out of love for people addicted to the world of music!

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