M.C.-the Master of Ceremony, a man or women that drives the show and keeps it afloat. An individual that wears multiple hats, more than what the naked eye can see. In preparation for a successful presentation the M.C is aware of the adaptability he/she must show for a smooth outcome. The daily grind for he/she includes promoting to get artists,near or far, to bring in crowds similar to the genre at stage. Platforms or stages are the focal point of the entire operation. Having the ability to understand the different types of crowds leads to an overall better performance. The M.C. understands that the consumer must show a level of interest in the acts that are performing. He or she will help the DJ by facilitating crowd participation. Keeping the crowd moving and grooving and as the kids say “Lit”.

Jamar Johnson, a seasoned M.C. , managed this years annual African American festival parade August 30th-September 7th. This gentleman has been participating in this event for the last 3 years. His experience has been behind the scenes and as the Master of Ceremony. He will continue participating for the years to come. Jamar Johnson also keeps busy with his radio show which appears every Sunday on Facebook. You can tune into “Sit down with the Johnsons” at 8 pm.

A note from the writer: Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this content. I blog because I enjoy talking about the everyday life and struggle of the world of music and entertainment. The blog name was created out of love for the people addicted to the word of music.

Jamar Johnson

Published by Xdj1011

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